A Distorted Reality (Infravox records​,​2019)

by Doric

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I Live In a World, That doesn't please me The killing of dreams(Somebody help me!) Knowing the truth that things will NEVER change Can you give me a piece of mind To help me through the Day? Nothing Lasts Forever/Everything Remains the same Nothing Lasts Forever But you know, it's all part of the game Turning from Green to Red All the things I've Never said "Wake up from your Dream! Start facing reality!"
Standing Alone in your Grown up room. Standing still,so time won't find you. Streets are alive,can't you hear their roars? Did you think you're safe behind four walls? Out there, life still happens while you're wallowing in despair It's Truth Or Dare. Out there, life still happens while you're waving your despair
In that gloomy day, spirits sung in vain under a sky of grey. Nothing brings the rain. Silence lurks behind my subconcious mind Desolate and lone(How dreary sounds that tone!) Feelings of civil war escaped my inner core Holding,within my hand,grains of golden sand Tyrant is the brain Cannot loose my faith Lost in the sea again Stay and face the storm, sense you are not alone The Old Hills Stand tall. Nothing brings the rain.
Monitors 03:33
It's been a long time,I'm confessing this to you. I't been a long time,you know that it's true. I've been hiding in the shadows for a long time, Hiding from you, Hiding from the truth. Monitors in My Head.
Standing on the edge again Facing the terror that spreads Is it Me? Typical Me? Emotional Me? Death& Hate surround us all Petrified eyes before they go Is it Me? Typical Me? Emotional Me? Victims of a holy war Faceless Gods that burn your soul Is it Me? Typical Me? Emotional Me?
Forever Gone 03:14
Nothing ever happens your way, You can't even get a brake You want to raise your voice and shout but something holds you on the ground. Everything is so hard these days No Rescue on your way Now that you're gone Left all Alone Gaze in silence endless dreams Wishing to start all over again Oh,to be with you again. (...)
Madigan 02:27
Brave on the wire Coward on the ground Conquer that fear!Triumph over it! Rip Reality at its seams! Night is dark,its evil's mark Dont get close!Dont go far! Wear your courage like a permanent scar! Darkness/stale air/death Cry for you Strive for you Rom into you Oblivion
Controlling the pieces inside my heart Everything is broke Everything is dead Everything is damaged in my head No cure for my disease A pain without ease An endless suffering without releif Nothing seems right And Nothing seems dead And everything is broke in my head Controlling.
The Box 04:06
There's A House Where we live Alone Barricaded From the World Walls are Noisy/Floors All Slippery but at least, We Are at Home. Pictures of Us, Hanging on the walls, Memories filled with hope/loss Distant Echoes/Fallen Promises But At least We are at Home. Shut The Light, We Are at Home Cover these Smiles We are alone Shut Your Eyes We are at Home Rest your mind We are alone and it feels like home.


To All our Broken Pieces That fit Nowhere.

Special thanks to Demeter,Pascal,Valisia & synthesizer.gr

*Physical copies of this LP,available only here at the moment infravoxrecords.bandcamp.com/album/doric-a-distorted-reality

Doric is the moniker of Stathis Leontiadis (Human Puppets, Data Fragments,Exetix,Plexiglas).
Being involved in various avant garde/underground music projects since 1996, intrigued by the 'all' analogue mentality of the late '70s - early '80s music field, he is passionatelly commited to vintage synths and machines, creating a very distinctive style and considered by many as a “specialist”.
“A Distorted Reality”,his second LP (overall,his fourth physical release) and probably the gloomiest/darkest of all his work,is a rather ominus view of the future,through the lens of self-determination and self-redirection.

The loss of dreams described as an everyday personal death that distorts and perverts our charisma,is the main theme in every inch of this record.Doric once again, collaborates with Pascal (Foucault, Noisetoy, Ludmilla) and Valisia Odel (Phoenix Catscratch, Strawberry Pills, Father Breath) and empowers the inclusive aura of the Album with complex New wave features and delicate dark wave chimes.

Limited to 300,colored copies,with the peculiar,handmade artwork of 5th Floor Entertainment that translates Doric's inner demons since the beginning.


released January 2, 2019

All tracks written/performed/ by Stathis Leontiadis
"No Tyrant Like a Brain"written,performed by Stathis Leontiadis,Nick Paschalidis&Valisia Odell,lyrics by Valisia Odell
"Nova Feedback","Forever Gone"&"The Box" written/performed by Stathis Leontiadis and Nick Paschalidis
"Madigan" written/performed by Stathis Leontiadis &Valisia Odell,lyrics by Valisia Odell
Lyrics on "Truth or dare"& "The Box" by Demeter("Dim").

All songs produced by Stathis Leontiadis on 5th Floor Entertainment home studio for Infravox records.

All Artwork by Demeter/5th Floor Entertainment for doric and infravox records.

Equipment used on this record:


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5th Floor Entertainment Greece

Synths n' Crafts for the Few.Insisting on playing all live and analogue against all trends.

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